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Craig Ferguson sucks… MGG ROCKS!

I hate talk shows and their hosts, except for a couple,  and after watching Craig Ferguson I hate them even more. He’s so NOT funny and he’s extremely annoying. MGG, on the other hand, was GREAT last night. I wish he was on either Jay Leno or Ellen Degeneres because those two put the guests on spotlight and hardly ever interrupt. Most talk show guests are so “stiff” and seem to have scripted lines but MGG is so natural and spontaneous. Too bad, his face wasn’t focused close-up facing the audience more, which is usually the case with other talk shows. And ten minutes was too short and I almost missed it coz I almost switched off the TV coz I was so annoyed w/ Ferguson. On the other hand, my annoyance kept me awake tho’ I really was sleepy.

I was surprised that he wasn’t asked about his role in CM. Again, MGG deserves to be in a better talk show than last night’s.



Reid: It’s the truth. They could have done something, they worked with his father, they knew Owen.

Hotch: So what? All adolescents profile like sociopaths. There’s a reason you can’t diagnose them until they’re eighteen.

Reid: Yeah, they could have seen the signs!

Hotch: Nobody sees the signs, Reid, you know that! And making it their fault is not only unfair, it’s dangerous. I want you to go back to the Savage house and I want you to go through Owen’s room.

Reid: Morgan’s already doing that.

Hotch: Yeah, and you’re gonna join him.

Reid: Oh, you’re punishing me?

Hotch: No. I’m using you.

Don’t kid yourself Hotch, you know you love him.

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